Colombian pop star Carlos Vives gave his national soccer team a big boost as they faced off against Greece at the World Cup on Saturday (14Jun14) by flying in 200 of the players' relatives to cheer them on from the stands.

The singer teamed up with bosses at Canadian-based oil company Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. to help cover the costs for the sportsmen's families, many of whom could not afford to travel to Brazil to attend the soccer championships.

He spent an estimated $1 million (£625,000) on the trip, with Pacific Rubiales Energy executives footing the bill for the families' expenses during their stay.

Vives, 52, was hoping the move would give the Colombian players extra motivation to win their opening game in the country's first World Cup since 1998.

He said, "It means unity, it means peace, it means a lot of people coming together."

His generous gesture paid off - Colombia beat Greece 3-0 and will now face the Ivory Coast on Thursday (19Jun14).