Guitar great Carlos Santana has dreams of creating his own 24-hour good news TV network.
The Smooth hitmaker believes his concept for a positive CNN will help spread dignity, decency and integrity around the world.
He tells WENN, "If I had the situation that Oprah (Winfrey) has I would have a 24-hour TV channel, satellite, worldwide, where beauty, elegance, excellence, grace, dignity, women giving birth, purity and innocence would be showing constantly.
"The sponsors would really salivate to be part of what we want to do. I learned something from (Cnn boss) Ted Turner; they thought he was crazy in the '80s with a 24-hour news channel giving bad news. Now it's everywhere and let's not forget it was Ted Turner's vision.
"Unfortunately, they don't show good news, just bad news. There is really good news on this planet all the time so I would bring the good news.
"I'll give you an example: These ladies were playing softball and one of them hit the ball really far and on the way running home she hit second base and dislocated her knee. The team wanted to help her but the coach said, 'If you touch her we lose; she has to run by herself.' She had the pivotal run because they were tied. So the other ladies went into conference, picked her up and carried her around the bases.
"That's good news and that's the kind of news we need to show. In the future it would be profitable to promote manners and promote class and dignity and integrity."