The guitarist insists drugs and other vices may have led to the late and greats' ultimate demise, but they shouldn't have surrounded themselves with adulation and awards.

"I've always believed in separating onstage and off-stage," the Smooth hitmaker tells Closer magazine. "Being onstage is, indeed, a high, but as soon as you play your last note, become the person, not the personality.

"They (Jimi Hendrix and Whitney Houston) overdosed on themselves... They didn't know when to park that personality in the closet and be a person.

"It's very, very exhausting to maintain a personality. I think that's what killed Whitney Houston... and Jimi Hendrix. They didn't know when to get off the stage, and they tried to maintain that high."

Carlos insists he's found a way to perfect home life and high life that allows him to be at peace with himself.

"When you come to either of my homes, whether it's here in the (San Francisco) Bay Area or in Las Vegas, there's absolutely no Santana," he adds. "(There are) no gold records on the walls. Just pictures of my parents, my children and musicians I love, like John Coltrane and Miles Davis."