Carlos Santana, the influential Mexican rock guitarist, has become a shareholder and board member of the Casa Nobel Tequila brand. Santana will assume a hands-on role at the historic company, which first began producing tequila in the late 1700's in Mexico.
In a statement on his official website, the Grammy Award winning guitarist said he was drawn to the company because of his love for tequila, saying, "I feel at home with my new family at Casa Noble. They strive for excellence and don't take shortcuts. Just like the music of Santana, one note or one drop. they are the same thing. You have to feel each note from your heart". The guitarist's family roots date back to Jalisco, the region of Mexico where the tequila first began being produced. Carlos added, "When I visited the distillery, I immediately felt spiritually connected to the Hermosillo family and Casa Noble. Together we celebrate the gift of life and all of the blessing that come with it". Jose Hermossilo, the Ceo of Casa Noble, identified the musician's "pursuit of perfection" as being synonymous with the brand, adding, "The linkage between Casa Noble & Carlos Santana will create broader recognition that Casa Noble's triple distilled, organically certified tequila is truly one of the finest ultra-premium spirits".
Carlos Santana is not the first rock star to become involved in the tequila business - 'The Red Rocker' Sammy Hagar owns the Cabo Wabo Tequila company.