Carla Bruni, the French First Lady and wife of President Nicolas Sarkozy, is pregnant with her second child, according to her father-in-law. Carla Bruni has refused to comment on recent speculation she is expecting a baby, but Sarkozy's father 'Pal' says he is "having a grandchild", reports Bbc News.
The German 'Bild' newspaper quotes the President's father as saying, "I'm glad to be having a grandchild. I'm sure it will be a girl, as beautiful as Carla" Ms Bruni, who recently starred in Woody Allen's romantic-comedy 'Midnight in Paris', married Mr Sarkozy in 2008. Bruni already has a son from a previous relationship but rumours have been circulating for several weeks that she may be pregnant again. When pressed for comment, Sarkozy's office said, "The Elysee makes no comment on matters of private life". During a recent interview with the French magazine 'Le Parisien', Bruni fended off inquires about a possible pregnancy, saying, "My lips are sealed to protect something". She later added, "I would love to speak woman-to-woman of my family life, my personal dreams, of the details of certain things. Moreover I am very talkative. But here, in a way, I have my mouth sewn shut". The President, who already has three sons from his two previous marriages, is experiencing dwindling popularity in the polls and faces re-election in 2012.
A former model, Carla Bruni is also a singer-songwriter and has released three full-length albums. Her second record, 'No Promises', topped the charts in four countries while making the top ten in four others.