Carl Barat claims there is a ghost on his new album.

The 36-year-old rocker played piano on 'We Want More', a track from his record with The Jackals but was stunned when early versions of the track featured the instrument, even though they hadn't recorded with one.

Speaking in the latest issue of Loaded magazine - which is out now - he said: ''I eventually played piano on it. But before that was added, the engineer pointed out there was a piano playing on the song when there wasn't one in the room. I'm hoping the ghost of Liberace will turn up again when we play it live.''

Carl decided to form The Jackals because he felt uncomfortable making a new solo album and being ''apologetic'' about his music.

He explained: ''The idea of going around the world with another solo album just seemed so apologetic. Being solo is going, 'Guys, please listen to this!' and I'd rather have a band where I can just smash it.''

For his 2010 solo album, Carl stopped playing guitar because he associated it too much with his bands The Libertines - who reformed last year - and Dirty Pretty Things but eventually found working without it too difficult.

He told Loaded magazine: ''The guitar represented the implosion of The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things and general misery. But writing songs without it felt like trying to sing underwater, and I eventually thought, 'Why don't I just get out of the water?' I'm so exuberant about guitars again.''