Carl Barat's new band are ''what The Libertines can't be''.

The 'I Get Along' singer formed The Jackals earlier this year and though his most successful band are also working together again, he is enjoying having an outlet for his ''anger and vitriol''.

He said: ''It's what The Libertines can't really be at the minute because that's harder to maintain, with the band's propensity to implode after three nights on the trot.

''I'm doing a different thing that I don't really do with The Libertines, putting a nice bit of anger and vitriol into the songs. That used to end up with me and Peter [Doherty] in a punch-up.

''The Jackals is an outlet for that. It's harder and heavier - I came from a heavy metal background, and I'm not saying it's a metal band by any stretch, but it's a harder, more shrieking guitar sounds, a few more Velvets and American influence. There's a Rage Against the Machine kind of vibe, without the rapping.''

Carl - who is joined in The Jackals by Billy Tessio, Jay Bone and Adam Claxton - is about to take his new band on the road and is ''really excited'', though he knows they have a lot of expectation to live up to.

He told NME magazine: ''We're gonna bomb around and have it in-your-face and dirty. The boys are really hungry for it and I'm really excited about the record and getting it out to people who give a f**k.

''They're ready for it, the boys are really getting their chops up. Everyone's excited. I guess there's pressure on them to be f***ing good, especially with The Libertines going on as well, and it being their first thing. We're all in it together, hoping for some glory days.''