Carl Barat thinks his baby will be born on Christmas Day (25.12.10).

The Libertines rocker's girlfriend Edie Langley is currently expecting the couple's first child and the singer is anticipating a double Celebration.

He said: "How will I spend Christmas? Well, I'm having a baby so I don't know. Maybe we'll end up spending it in a manger. Or a maternity ward.

"She's due around Christmas Day. I'll probably be in a maternity ward, although there's all kinds of Christmas metaphors you can make.

"I've got a plethora of wise men on standby."

The 'Can't Stand Me Now' hitmaker admitted his two biggest highlights of the year are impending fatherhood and the reformation of The Libertines.

He said: "My personal highlight, I guess my baby. Apart from that, The Libertines reunion. But my baby comes first.

"With the Libertines, all those years of doubts and potentially falling through the many vortexes and pitfalls of speculation and conjecture regarding the band, their mythology and their actuality, I think it was withdrawn from any negatives and I felt so happy to be at the centre of something so many people were using as a catalyst for such joy."