Carl Barat ''needs'' to have therapy.

The Libertines co-frontman - who has sons Eli, four, and five-month-old Ramone with girlfriend Edie Langley - has struggled with depression and thinks now his bandmate Pete Doherty has finally kicked his heroin addiction, the time is right for him to tackle his own demons.

Speaking to the new issue of Loaded magazine, he said: ''I've got loads to appreciate. I have to pinch myself all the time, and I'm forever touching wood hoping my luck will continue. With The Libertines back together, I've finally got the chance to achieve everything I want. But this is why I need to go to therapy. It's all amazing, so why am I not yet happy?

''Pete's doing such a good job with his therapy and cleanness, it'd be silly of me not to take this opportunity to work on myself a bit as well. With children and a family, I need to get better. I'm going to work on depression, because it's not ideal.''

While Pete has quit drugs, Carl insists that doesn't mean the rest of the band will become ''boring''.

Asked if the group will stay sober on the road to support their troubled bandmate, he said: ''It's down to what works best for Pete, really.

''The drugs just magnified our behaviour. I don't think we'll all become boring just because Pete is well again, as we're all so chaotic anyway. I can take or leave the drugs... though I've just had a flashback to behaving like an idiot last night.''

The 250th celebratory issue of Loaded - which features Kasabian on the cover - is available to buy in both print and digital formats from Friday (30.01.15)