Former THE LIBERTINES star Carl Barat has dismissed rumours he kicked fellow frontman Pete Doherty out of the band, insisting the troubled rocker left voluntarily. Barat, who has since formed new group Dirty Pretty Things, maintains his decision to temporarily axe the singer was out of concern for his turbulent personal life, and it was Doherty who made the decision to leave for good. The BANG BANG YOU'RE DEAD hitmaker says, "I never kicked him out of the band. I said to Pete, 'You're in a state, you're not turning up for things, you're doing terrible things, which we won't go into - don't come to play this gig. You've missed half the tour anyway - don't come and play this gig. I don't think you're well enough.' "He went nuts, and he wasn't well enough anyway, so we continued without him and the long and short of it is that afterwards I said, 'Don't come and play with us till you sort yourself out.' "He took that as a massive 'up yours', got angry about it and rather than rectify the problems we were talking about he went and formed a band that would put up with his problems so it wouldn't be an issue."