Emmanuelle Alt will be featuring models wearing more clothes in order to distinguish her editorial style at French Vogue from Carine Roitfeld.

The editor-in-chief of the magazine - who was previously fashion director before taking over the helm from Carine in December - explained while she plans to go against the trend of models wearing minimalistic clothing, they will still be flashing the flesh.

She told WWD: "They will be wearing more clothes. One boob though - otherwise won't know it's French Vogue."

The fashionista admitted she is also hoping to nurture a new wave of stylists at the magazine, and plans to bring in a whole host of fresh staff.

Emmanuelle added: "I want to have new people working for the magazine. I also want to push some new stylists: all the girls who have been trained by French Vogue."

Meanwhile, previous editor-in-chief of the magazine Carine has announced plans to release her first autobiography 'Irreverent' on October 4.

Olivier Zahm, who edited the book, told Vogue.co.uk the tome is a "scrapbook" of The Fashion expert's life, including personal letters and images of various shoots she worked on.