Carine Roitfeld is tired of the fashion industry's strict rules.

The former French Vogue editor thinks people are too scared of causing controversy nowadays to take risks and doesn't agree with regulations about models' ages, race or weight.

Carine lamented: ''I don't like people telling me, 'Your girls can't be too young.' If Kate Moss hadn't been booked when she was 14, Kate Moss might not exist. She was genius, and now everything is about, 'Oh, she's too young, too old, she's too fat, she's too skinny', so I think there's too many rules.''

The style icon also touched upon the current trend for political correctness in fashion as well as promoting the use of black models on the runway, spearheaded by Naomi Campbell, Iman and Bethann Hardison's work with the Diversity Coalition.

She said: ''If you put a scarf on a girl, it's, 'Oh, the Muslim women will be straight after you', but I'm like, why? It's not against them, it's just because it's beautiful. I've always used black girls on the runway, because I think they're beautiful.

''I don't need people to tell me, 'You need to use black girls'. I did for 20 years! Now you need to have quotas.''

However, Carine - who has launched her own magazine, CR Fashion Book - is still in love with the industry and is especially a fan of the VIP treatment during fashion week season.

She added in an interview with Time Out magazine: ''At fashion week, your position [at the shows] matters a lot. But it's different when you're editor of Vogue - you get a lot of flowers in your face.

''You become almost a queen - and after you leave, you pay a price for your freedom. You have to do a lot more by yourself, but I'm not complaining.''