Carine Roitfeld says her new make-up range is a form of ''revenge''.

The former French Vogue editor has teamed up with cosmetic giants MAC for her own collection, which is aimed at those who share her dislike of thick eyebrows.

She said: ''Bleaching eyebrows makes me crazy - all the models were bleaching eyebrows. It's burning, you know. I never liked it,. So I'm very happy, this collection is my revenge - I could be Frida [Kahlo]. This is the reason there [are tweezers] in the MAC palette, because I need to take off some in the middle.''

Despite her high profile and reputation, Carine, 58, also revealed how she doesn't have much confidence and would consider having plastic surgery in the future.

She told ''I'm not confident at all. People think I'm confident; I'm not. I'm always a shy person. But being a shy person means you can be crazy, it's a totally different thing. I don't use Botox because I don't have wrinkles - I'm lucky. Some people say, 'Oh, I'll never do this.' I don't know, maybe in 10 years I'll want to do a lift. Maybe in 10 years I will go to Brazil and I will do a lift on my neck.''