Carine Roitfeld never owned a Chanel handbag while editor at French Vogue.

The 57-year-old former journalist has even shocked herself by avoiding having one of the iconic brand's bags - favoured by Lily Allen, Kylie Minogue and Keira Knightley - until after her tenure at Vogue was over.

She said: ''I just got my first Chanel bag! Can you imagine? Just now! I wait to be a grandma to have a Chanel bag!''

However, Carine is keen to constantly revamp her closet and always changes what she has available to wear because she wants to be ''the best'' dressed person in her age category.

She told Grazia magazine: ''I think every five years you have to go through and say, 'This is not good any more, this is not good' and you have to edit.

''I think miniskirts are not so good after a certain age. When you have a great body you can wear a miniskirt but even if your body is good from the back, you will look and think, 'Oh she's 20'. Then you turn around and it's, 'Oh, la, la!' So you cannot be in competition with a girl who is 18. You have to be the best in your category.''