Carine Roitfeld likes to challenge Karl Lagerfeld during photoshoots.

The former French Vogue editor enlisted Chanel's eccentric creative director to help shoot the images for the second edition of her new magazine venture, CR Fashion Book, because the pair share the same ''crazy'' and fashion-forward vision.

She explained: ''I think he likes to work with me because I push him in certain directions. Karl is like a young photographer, he's full of energy, full of enthusiasm, always ready for all the crazy things.

''And we keep working on the Chanel Little Black Jacket book too, doing more pictures. Because the book sold-out, they had to re-print, and we're going to add 20 new ones. I'm very happy to keep working on that project, it's timeless and endless, you know? So now we have Carla Bruni and even Diane Kruger coming in to be shot by Karl.''

The fashionista can currently be found on the front row of London Fashion Week's hottest shows, but Carine is devastated she will miss Christopher Kane's aumtumn/winter 2013-14 show this year since she is a huge champion of his designs.

She added in an interview with The Telegraph newspaper: ''I'm going to see Tom Ford and J. W. Anderson because I was pushing him in the beginning and I think he's become so good. I'm very sad not to see Christopher Kane, I always support him, I think he's a big, big talent.

''The only problem between him and me is his accent - it's such a strong accent and I find it so difficult! But I always try to support him - everything I'm doing, there is always a bit of Christopher Kane.''