Carey Mulligan is relieved she's found a partner in Transformers star Shia LaBeouf - because he understands her hectic Hollywood career.
The 24 year old Brit began dating the actor while they both filmed Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps last year (09) and she insists she's happy to be dating someone working in the same industry.
She tells Britain's OK! magazine, "He is an actor as well, so he works. I have always wanted to keep going for as long as I want to and then I will stop if I get bored or if I get frustrated or tired - but I don't feel it.
"(He) understands how you can fall in love with the cast and the cast becomes your family. It's hard for people who aren't actors to understand how reliant you become on the people around you (on a film set) and how much you can get swept away by a character. You don't mean to but you just do and you are completely consumed by it, but it's lovely."