British actress Carey Mulligan knew she had finally made it in Hollywood when Meryl Streep took a photo of her and offered to email her a copy.
The 25 year old landed her first role alongside Keira Knightley in 2005's Pride and Prejudice, but shot to international fame when her performance in last year's (09) An Education won her a string of award nominations, including an Oscar nod.
And it was at an Academy Awards dinner earlier this year (10) that Mulligan realised she had been welcomed into Tinseltown's inner sanctums - when legendary star Streep took a snap of her and offered to email it over.
She tells Britain's Daily Mail, "I'd show up at all these award shows and see people like Quentin Tarantino there and think, 'Are you sure I was meant to be invited too?' When you receive an Oscar nomination they have a ceremony where you get a certificate - and a jumper, too. After I'd been up on stage to receive mine, Meryl Streep grabbed me and said, 'I took a great picture of you. Give me your address and I'll email it to you.' I said, 'Um..ok...' This was Meryl Streep."