Carey Mulligan isn't ''massively interested'' in Twitter.

The 32-year-old actress - who has Evelyn, two, and a six-month-old child whose name and gender are not known to the public, with her husband Marcus Mumford - isn't on the social media platform and has said she has no interest in signing up, as she doesn't want to get caught up in the ''horrible'' things haters and trolls can spread across the site.

She said: ''I don't really like Twitter. I think it's great for certain things. There have been times in the past when I wished I had a social media account to promote great work, but a lot of it is not massively interesting. And people can be really horrible about things.''

And the 'Great Gatsby' actress believes it is important for her to keep her personal life private and away from social media, as she wants people to see her for the roles she plays in movies, rather than as herself.

Speaking to Variety at Cannes Film Festival, she said: ''As an actor, you goal is to be private. There is a weird double standard: your goal is to disappear in a role, and not necessarily let the audience know every detail about you.''

Although Carey doesn't use social media, she has been actively involved in discussions around issues such as sexual harassment, which has been driven by the #MeToo movement on platforms such as Twitter.

Carey previously admitted she's ''definitely experienced sexism'' whilst navigating Hollywood, and has claimed she often has to ''fight'' to make her voice heard when discussing scripts with film executives.

She said: ''I have felt belittled and ... kind of lesser-than. I've definitely experienced sexism in terms of how I've been treated. When I've tried to assert my opinion on scripts, for example, I feel I've had to fight a bit harder to get my voice heard.''