Cardi B always wanted to work things out with her fiancé Offset in the wake of cheating allegations - even though she believes she could bag any man she wanted.

The 25-year-old rapper is adamant her commitment to her man never wavered even after his iCloud was hacked and photos and footage was leaked of him with another girl admitting she's ''no angel''.

And Cardi insists she doesn't have to explain her decision to any of the people who have told her she should have dumped the Migos member.

Speaking to the April 2018 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine - on which she stars as the cover girl - she said: ''It's like everybody is coming down my neck like, 'Why are you not leaving him? You have low self-esteem.' I don't have low self-esteem ... I know I look good. I know I'm rich, I know I'm talented. I know I could get any man I want -

any basketball player, football player. But I want to work out my s**t with my man, and I don't got to explain why. I'm not your property. This is my life ... I'm going to take my time, and I'm going to decide on my decision ... It's not right, what he f***ing did, but people don't know what I did, 'cause I ain't no angel.''

The outspoken hip hop star won't change who she is as a person and won't ''lose herself'' by turning into someone she isn't just to please her fans.

She said: ''Everybody got different beliefs and different religions and were raised differently, yet you also supposed to be careful you don't offend somebody. Everybody gets bothered about everything. Everybody got a f***ing opinion about you. If I change myself, then I'm going to lose myself, and I won't be who makes me happy.''

The American singer appeared on reality TV show 'Love & Hip Hop New York' before her hit song 'Bodak Yellow' catapulted her to fame, but the singer has always been vocal about her past as a stripper and she's proud to talk about her previous life as a pole dancer.

She said: ''People say, 'Why do you always got to say that you used to be a stripper? We get it.' Because y'all don't respect me because of it, and y'all going to respect these strippers from now on ... Just because somebody was a stripper don't mean they don't have no brain.''