Cardi B has been plagued by ''spooky'' dreams since getting pregnant.

The 25-year-old rapper is expecting her first child with fiance Offset and is already getting in some practice for sleepless nights with a newborn as she's not resting well because of the ''weird'' nocturnal visions she's been experiencing.

She tweeted: ''Ok soooo one thing I don't like about pregnancy is these weird, crazy, spooky dreams I be having.

''I hate them. I be waking up in the middle of the night out my naps. Is the weirdest thing.(sic)''

When a fan replied to say she used to have ''vivid sex dreams'' during her pregnancy, Cardi admitted she'd experienced the same.

She wrote: ''I be having a lot of those too. Everything is too vivid. Sex dreams, nightmares, good dreams.(sic)''

The 'Bartier Cardi' hitmaker also admitted her growing baby bump has made her reconsider her plans to make a new music video.

She revealed: ''I really wanted to do a music video too ''SHE BAD'' but imagine me half naked with this big ass stomach and all these bad bitches around me O HELL NO ! After i give birth thoo !!! (sic)''

The former 'Love & Hip Hop' star recently admitted she and Offset have already chosen a name for their baby but she's going to leave it to the Migos rapper to reveal it as he chose the moniker.

She said: ''Yeah, my dude named the baby.

''I really like the name. I'm [going to] let him say the name because he named the baby.''

Despite being heavily pregnant, Cardi was still up to twerking and performing her raunchy dance moves at Coachella last month and she joked she was moving around so much in order to make childbirth easier.

She said: ''The more you move, the easier [the baby] will come out.

''I was just trying to show the world how I got pregnant in the first place. Like that! That's how it happened.''