Cardi B has always been motivated by her dreams of having a family.

The 27-year-old rapper - who has daughter Kulture, 16 months, with husband Offset - has been driven to succeed because she wanted to create a ''stable'' home and needs to keep going so she can ''spoil'' her little girl.

She said: ''What kept me going is I wanted to have children and I needed to be stable. In order for me to spoil my child for the rest of my life, I have to have money and make money for the rest of my life.''

The 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker loved how ''secure'' her Migos rapper husband makes her feel.

Asked what she loves about him in Vogue's 73 Questions segment, she said: ''Everything, I love that man, I want to lick him up and down all day.

I love that I feel secure with him - protected and financially - always...

''I always thought I was a strong woman. I am. I always feel like I know everything but I don't...

''Marriage taught me about unity. It's not just you, it's both together.''

Cardi and Offset split briefly last year but the rapper urged people to work on their relationship problems if they love the other person.

She said: ''If you love somebody, no matter what, try and work it out.''

Since having her daughter, the 'I Like It' hitmaker has learned her plans never work out the way she wants.

She said: ''The biggest lesson is you're never on time. Things don't go as you plan, never!

''Motherhood is... hard. People think it's easy but it's hard. We deserve more mother's days.''

Cardi wants her daughter to ''dream big'' and ignore other people's opinions as she gets older.

Asked what advice she'd have for her daughter, she said: ''No matter what people say, dream big and follow it.

''I wish for her to be a successful business woman, independent woman a confident woman.''