Cardi B doesn't think she has the time to get married in 2018.

The 25-year-old singer has been engaged to Migos rapper Offset since October, and although the pair would love to get married toward the end of this year, they don't think they will be able to fit it into their hectic schedules, as they need ''two weeks'' off to enjoy both a wedding and a honeymoon.

Speaking to E! News, she said: ''You want to know the thing about is. I really want to get married around the fall time, I love the fall time. But I keep getting, 'Do you want to do tour around this time?' 'Hey do you want to do this around this time?' And it's just like - I'm touring, I'm putting out an album. He's touring, putting out an album.

''It's not only about the wedding date. It's not just one day. It's gotta be a whole almost two weeks type of thing. We want a honeymoon. Do we even have time for that?

''We're really into our careers in our lives ... We are really workaholics. It's crazy.''

It comes after the 'Bodack Yellow' hitmaker revealed she had extravagant plans for her big day.

She said: ''It's gonna be extravagant. You know, we're both rappers. We're both artists, so it has to be a very extravagant wedding.''

When Offset popped the question, he presented Cardi with a $500,000 ring, which features an eight-carat, tear-shaped diamond surrounded by almost three carats more of diamonds and pink and white stones.

And the 'Bartier Cardi' hitmaker admitted looking at the jewellery always makes her ''feel good'', even when she and Offset aren't getting on.

She said: ''It makes me feel good. Even when we're in an argument ... I'm like does he really love me? He got me a half-million dollar ring, yeah he does.''