Cardi B says the pressures of fame have made her anxious.

The 25-year-old rap star is currently one of the most in-demand musicians in the world, but Cardi has admitted she's finding it increasingly difficult to write catchy tunes because of the expectations surrounding her.

She confessed: ''To me, it's not been easy writing. This has been the hardest thing ever. It's not easy to focus on a song because the type of pressure everyone has put on me.

''Like, at first when I was doing music it was fun and I was so eager to get in the studio all the time. Now, I get anxiety when I go to the studio because everybody is like expecting some crazy magic from me.

''Stop expecting that everything is going to be a number one. Every song that I make, stop comparing me to another person.''

Cardi's new album is titled 'Invasion of Privacy', and she explained that the name was inspired by the way in which her life has changed over recent months.

The New York-born star - who recently announced she is pregnant with her first child - claimed she's been made to feel like ''an animal at the zoo''.

Speaking to SiriusXM, she added: ''When I was doing my album these past couple of months, my privacy has been invaded the most. I feel like I give people a lot and people still want more.

''When it comes to my pregnancy, I had people harassing me, stalking me. If it's not something about me, it's something about my man.''