Cardi B is ''not big'' on accessories, according to her stylist Kollin Carter.

The fashion guru started working with the 25-year-old rapper in the summer this year, but over the last few month's Kollin swiftly learnt what the 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker - who is engaged to Migos' Offset - likes to wear and what she doesn't, which includes rings because her fingers are ''really really small''.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan Online, the style expert said: ''At the time, I had even kind of given up on celebrity [styling] but [Kollin's PR friend] Ashley called me and she was just like, 'I have someone for you. It's Cardi B.' This was before the single ['Bodak Yellow']. It was spring of 2017. [Styling Cardi] was different from who I worked with in the past, and who I [thought] I would take on as a muse for me. My first job with her was the cover of Fader, and it went great. We vibed, we connected.

''Cardi's not big on accessories. She feels like things are on her. Because she's such a big personality, I think sometimes she feels like adding anything, any other accent, can just come off as a lot.

''It's mainly rings, though. Her fingers are really, really small, so they flip or they're uncomfortable.''

And instead of layering on the jewellery, Kollin says Cardi's intricately detailed finger nails and various hairstyles are her way of accessorising.

He added: '' Her hair is always interesting -- it's either super long or coloured -- [and] her nails themselves are accessories, so sometimes it's like less is more with her. But sometimes, I'm like, let's gaud it up.''

But Kollin has revealed Cardi - whose full name is Belcalis Almanzar - has a great sense of style already, although at times she wants to look ''a little more sexy'', which the stylist wants to steer away from.

He explained: ''Cardi most definitely has a sense of style. She has her own vision, and I have mine. Sometimes I have to come in and say, 'Let's try something new, let's step out of the box.' But sometimes she does that with me, too. One of the key things I've learned, though, is only to pull things that I want to see her in. Because there may be things that I pull, and she's like, 'Oh my God, I love this.' It's her favourite thing on the rack and I'm like, 'Oh my God, why did she go with this?'

''Cardi is a woman, and naturally she wants to be sexy. But if it was up to me, I feel like you can be sexy with a turtleneck on. Sometimes she'll gravitate toward something a little more sexy than I would normally style. I try to sit back and just find that balance, because this is a woman with an amazing body, and she does want to show off her curves. There's nothing wrong with that.''