Cardi B didn't get to see the final edits of her 'Ring' music video.

The 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker has admitted she's ''a little p***ed'' because she woke up on Monday (20.08.18) to discover that the video for her track with Kehlani was posted online by a ''sneaky motherf***er'' without her consent.

Taking to her Instagram account, the 25-year-old rapper said: ''Alright guys, so I'm a little p***ed because I woke up this morning and I get on Instagram like: 'What's going on today?' And when I get on Instagram I see the 'Ring' video come out. And you know I'm happy for the response it's getting but I didn't even get to see final edits for the video.

''I didn't even know it was supposed to come out today. Like damn, you should've let me know so I could've announced it, promoted it, let my fans know.

''I haven't even gone on YouTube, I don't even know if it is YouTube to go and look it. But f**k it, I hope you all enjoy it, I guess. Thank you. The 'Ring' video is out now with Kehlani. Motherf***ers, sneaky motherf***ers. Who did that? It was those Russians, those damn Russians who helped Trump. I knew it!''

The release came just three days after the brunette beauty - who gave birth to her daughter Kulture five weeks ago - teased that the video was ''coming soon.''

She explained: ''I did the 'Ring' music video with Kehlani a couple of months ago when I was like five months pregnant so I'm going to put that out at the end of August. I've been featured with other artists so I don't know when they're going to put their stuff out. I'm going to have a project coming out in the fall, I'm going to work. My life is not over you know. I just need to take my time because my body really can't take it. My doctor was like: 'Please just slow down!' ''