The actress and former Desperate Housewives star Jesse got engaged in August, 2016. And as they gear up for their big day, Cara is attempting to make it even more special by refusing to bed her husband-to-be in the run up to their nuptials.

During an appearance on Diana Madison's talk show, Cara joked that she’s turning the traditional idea of having "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" on its head by going celibate before walking down the aisle.

"Well I won’t sleep with Jesse before the wedding so maybe he’ll have blue... balls?" Cara joked.

Fashion blogger Cara rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to her style choices, and when it comes to selecting a look for her wedding she intends to go all out to ensure she has the perfect gown.

But instead of going for something entirely modern, Cara is adding a vintage vibe by wearing her mother's wedding dress and giving it some unique twists.

"I am going to wear my moms!" she smiled. "I’m going to modernise it, but I’m going to wear my moms. My mom's dress is beautiful.

"It had everything I wanted - really long lace arms, a high neck, and we’re going to modernise the bottom of it but it’s in pristine condition."

Jesse previously admitted he is leaving the majority of wedding planning up to Cara. However, one thing he wants to take charge of is the music.

"I feel strongly about the music and I think we both agree and feel strongly that we just want to create an environment and throw a great party that everyone enjoys," he told Entertainment Tonight.