Cara Delevingne has trademarked her name.

The British model applied to register her name as a trademark with the Intellectual Property Office last December and can now exclusively use it to build up her own business empire, according to The Sunday Times newspaper.

The trademark bans companies from releasing products under Cara's name, including perfumes, handbags and make-up.

The 20-year-old beauty has already ventured into the business world after recently registering her own company, Cara & Co, with her father, Charles Delevingne, listed as co-director.

The stylish star is likely to be planning to branch out into fashion design after confessing earlier this month she wanted her own simple yet chic T-shirt range, and failing that, her own line of cosy onesies.

Cara said: ''I think there's so many important things in fashion that people don't do, like really simple cut tops, T-shirts. I love T-shirts and it's really hard to find a plain, nicely cut top for your body.

''I would love to design. I want my own brand of onesies. It's kind of hard though. I'm trying to make it happen - someone contact me please, I'm ready!''