Cara Delevingne is eyeing up a move to New York.

The British model revealed her ambitions of living in the US, following in the footsteps of her actress sister Poppy who also made the switch.

She told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper: ''I love New York so much. I could definitely see myself living there soon.

''It's an amazing city I've got to know through work, so I would definitely live there ... London will always be home though.''

With the move looking very likely, it is perhaps a good thing rumours of Cara's alleged romance with British Prince William were played down this week, with a source claiming she is currently single.

An insider previously insisted: ''Everyone is on the wrong track with who she's dating. He's not her type. Cara is not dating anyone right now.''

One thing the 30-year-old star is said to already have planned for her next trip to New York is a tattooing session with Rihanna.

An source had said: ''The girls love the idea of giving each other a tattoo. RiRi is used to doing it and has performed dozens ... They both want Hebrew writing like Harry Styles and David Beckham, which is very in fashion, and much easier to do than an image. It's all planned for their next trip to New York.''