Cara Delevingne has never been in love.

The 20-year-old model is often voted one of the world's most beautiful women but she says she's never had a long-term boyfriend and finds it hard to find time for romance because she's so busy.

She said: ''It's so hard, I'm travelling all the time and the thing about me is that I'm very independent. From the age of 16, Poppy and Chloe (her sisters) have had long-term boyfriends. The longest-term boyfriend I ever had was when I was five. And I think the first proper boyfriend I had, I got hurt, and after that I was like, 'What the frick is the point?' I've never been in love, this is the thing. And how can I get someone to love me if I don't know who I am? I'm still figuring this out.''

Cara also says being in the fashion industry as made her a lot more thick-skinned because people talk about her all the time.

She said: ''I did used to think, God this job is easy, but actually it does kill you at times. They criticise you to your face, or talk about you in French. I'm kind of spongy. I pick things up very quickly. I watch the other girls and do the same thing.''