Cara Delevingne turned into a ''kleptomaniac'' on the set of her John Hardy photoshoot.

The 21-year-old model was in Bali over the weekend filming an exotic ad campaign for the sustainable brand, which prides itself on its handmade pieces, and was so enamoured with the beautiful clothes and accessories that she tried to take them all home with her.

She joked during an interview with WWD: ''I kept trying to steal things. I almost turned into a bit of a kleptomaniac, to be honest. I fell in love with this coil bracelet that wraps all around your arm.

''I tried to cement it to my arm. Or, I kept saying, 'I can't get this ring off, it's too tight....It's mine.' ''

Cara was amazed by the local craftsmen's talent when she visited the workshop during the course of the three-day shoot and now thinks jewellery-making would be an excellent back-up career.

She said: ''Meeting all the actual people who make the jewellery and seeing how happy they are... I want to live there. I was like, 'Can you hire me, please?'

''I did jewellery-making in school, but I was very bad. [Here], you can feel the love in [the jewellery] and you feel like someone has actually put their heart into it.''

The model of the moment was shot by Sebastian Faena alongside Giorgio Armani pin-up Simon Nessman, with make-up by Tom Pecheux, hair by Bob Recine and styling by Sarajane Hoare.

The results will be unveiled in October and mark the first time in three years John Hardy have opted for a major advertising campaign.

David Lipman, the brand's creative director, commented: ''Cara has the spirit of a girl from the Sixties and a girl from today. It's not just a face. Cara is beyond a model. There is something bigger than that.''