LATEST: A police officer has told a London court how Californian model Caprice Bourret almost threw a tantrum after discovering he had no idea of her identity. PC PAUL FLASHMAN stopped the catwalk beauty in the city last December (05) after noticing she was driving with fog lights in clear weather. She subsequently failed a sobriety test, which showed her to have more than the legal limit of alcohol in her blood. In a hearing at Highbury Magistrate's Court yesterday (22AUG06) the policeman recalled how Bourret grew increasingly annoyed by his probing of her full name. He says, "It did seem to annoy her somewhat that I didn't recognise her and she replied in a stern tone, 'Caprice.' "I was not sure if that was her first or last name and asked, 'How do you spell your surname?'" Caprice has already pleaded guilty to drink driving and will discover her sentence on Friday (25AUG06).