LATEST: US-born model Caprice Bourret has further blasted claims she was recently treated for drug addiction and depression in rehab, insisting she doesn't even take painkillers. Last week (20FEB07) a British newspaper reported the blonde beauty had checked into London's The Priory, when it emerged she was actually enjoying a skiing holiday with her boyfriend in South Africa. The 35-year-old says, "It's really quite extraordinary. For 24 hours, the press attacked me and spread the story I'd been in rehab after overdosing on painkillers. "It was quite impossible for me to have been in hospital when I was flying out of South Africa to Paris. "I have never been in rehab. I have never done drugs, apart from when I was 19, when I tried magic mushrooms, which was horrible and once I had a Quaalude. "I am so against drugs. I don't think I've swallowed a painkiller since I had my tonsils out at 14. I don't even take aspirin."