Model Caprice has parted company with her manager - as she attempts to forge an acting career in Hollywood.

The American beauty, 29, has dispensed with the services of her long-term adviser CASSIE MEAD - in a bid to be taken "seriously" as an actress and carve out a career like Hollywood superstar Cameron Diaz.

A source says, "Caprice wants to be taken seriously and is desperate to be an actress. But the trouble is she isn't realistic.

"She ditched her modelling to focus on becoming a film star and thought the lead roles would come flooding in.

"Caprice really thought her acting was in a similar league to big-hitters like Cameron Diaz.

"She felt with that with her looks, she was guaranteed good parts."

Despite starring in the West End production of RENT on the London stage, Caprice has yet to secure a part in a Hollywood film that will propel her into the big time.

Mead comments, "I'm not managing Caprice anymore, but we're still good friends and I wish her the best of luck with her acting career."

23/04/2004 13:27