Beautiful model Caprice is finally heading for Hollywood - after being offered a role which lets her keep her clothes on.

The busty babe, who was offered her acting chance after starring in a stage musical, will be given acting coaching from one of her new co-stars - SNATCH star Vinnie Jones.

Caprice explains, "After a hundred years, I have signed for two romantic comedies. The producers saw me in RENT and finally gave me two scripts, which I love, and I signed on the dotted line. I'm off to work for Hollywood."

The first of the two films will be HOLLYWOOD FILES, and co-star Vinnie kindly says, "As the more experienced actor I'll just have to take her under my wing and give her private lessons - in my caravan."

On the rigours of choosing the right role Caprice adds, "A lot of people have always said, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, do a movie with your boobs up to your chin, play the bimbo.' But I waited for the right script.

"You have no idea how many topless, clothes off, axe murderer, pole dancing parts I've been offered. It was depressing."

20/07/2003 11:15