California-born model Caprice Bourret has been fined GBP1,000 ($1,800) and banned from driving for 12 months after being found guilty of drink-driving in a London court. The 34-year-old was also ordered to pay GBP2,500 ($4,500) in costs by District Judge EMMA ARBUTHNOT at Highbury Magistrates' Court in London. Caprice had pleaded guilty to drink-driving. She was arrested in central London on 10 December last year (05) and subsequently failed a test, which showed her to have more than the legal limit of alcohol in her blood. Judge Arbuthnot told the hearing, "She was a drunk driver who must have known that she was at risk of being over the limit. She drank, took the risk and got caught." However, if Caprice attends a rehabilitation course her driving ban could be shortened to nine months. Speaking outside court, Caprice said, "Obviously I'm really upset at the whole incident. I had to disclose a lot of personal information and for me it was a really painful experience. "Hopefully people will learn from my experience. Do not drink and drive, that's all I have to say."