Model Caprice Bourret's solicitor today (21JUL06) told a London court how medication she took for a bladder infection caused her to be over the drink driving limit. The 34-year-old Texan was arrested in central London on 10 December 2005. She subsequently failed a test, which showed her to have more than the legal limit of alcohol in her blood. Caprice pleaded guilty to drink driving, but her legal representative NICK FREEMAN, who is nicknamed 'Mr Loophole' in the UK, has told Highbury Magistrate's Court his client's alcohol levels were inflated by the anti-histamine drug Cipro she had taken. He told the court, "It's the extra additional matter that she took by way of medication which is the special reason. "It relates to the offence because it is directly related to the commission of the offence. "If she had not taken that, she would not be before the court for drink-driving." Freeman has successfully helped other clients keep their driving license by arguing cough medicine was responsible for pushing them over the drink driving limit. A verdict is pending.