Model Caprice Bourret has unveiled her two newborn sons to the world and told how they are already bonding like twins.

The blonde beauty fell pregnant by her partner Ty Comfort earlier this year (13) just weeks after undergoing a procedure to allow them to have a child via a surrogate.

The double delight came after the former catwalk star was told she would be unable to naturally carry a child full-term, but her baby was born in September (13) just weeks after her surrogate delivered the couple's other son in August (13).

Bourret is adamant she will explain the bizarre circumstances of their birth to the boys - named Jax and Jett - when they are older but reveals they are already extremely close.

In a photoshoot for British magazine Ok!, the model poses with her two newborns and tells the publication, "It's almost like they have the same kind of connection as twins, which makes sense because they're both genetically the same. They cry together, they make the same noises as one another, they want to eat at the same time and when I breastfeed they look at one another.

"The other day they were even holding hands - we all just found it so emotional that everyone in the house just burst into tears... I am 150 per cent going to tell them (the circumstances of their birth)... They're both still mine at the end of the day, we just had a babysitter for a little bit. I may even start to tell them as early as four years old, it just depends. To know that we went through leaps and bounds to get to where we are today makes the boys even more special."