The major movie studios and theater owners may have reached an equitable agreement on digital projection in which the studios pay theaters a "virtual print" fee -- essentially the same amount that they would have to pay for a film print and shipping charges -- until theaters recoup the costs of installing the new equipment, but they have not reached agreement on who pays for 3D glasses, the Hollywood Reporter observed today (Wednesday). Right now the studios foot the bill for the disposable glasses -- about $1.00 per pair -- as well as the additional costs of producing the 3D movies. Some studios are suggesting that the studios ought to switch to reusable glasses. "If you could get the cost of disposables down to, say, 35 cents or even 45 cents a pair, then it wouldn't be a big deal," one distribution executive told the trade publication. (The 3D glasses being used at the Cannes Film Festival are the reusable kind. Before this morning's screening of Disney's Up , a festival executive urged the assembled reporters to return the glassesso that they could be reused for the evening screening. Meanwhile, Regal Entertainment, the country's largest movie-theater chain, said Tuesday that the current economic slump has made it difficult to borrow the funds needed in order to expand the chain and upgrade its projectors.