A Paris-based company is distributing flyers to producers at Cannes, exhorting them to "watch in real time the illegal download of your films" at the company's booth at the Cannes Film Market, held in conjunction with the Cannes Film Festival. The company, CoPeerRight Agency, which claims it can thwart the illegal distribution of movies via peer-to-peer networks, is also offering to demonstrate how its system can "protect your rights, before and after the digital piracy of your films." The company's one-two punch is first, to identify the pirates by determining their Internet address and forward it to producers and Internet service providers, then to flood the P2P networks with "decoy" files in order to "bury the original pirated file" as well as saturate the networks' waiting lists "to increase file's download time" and send "corrupt data to users while they are trying to download the pirate files." CoPeerRight Managing Director Romina González Galetto said that producers at the festival were "surprised" by his company's "Bytes Corrupted" solution, because it is "the only way to retard the download of the illegal copies available on P2P networks."