Veteran actress Candice Bergen was kicked out of college as a youngster because she failed to pursue a straight career path.
The Boston Legal star, who was studying to become a writer, attended the University of Pennsylvania back in the 1960s.
But Bergen admits she probably picked the wrong school because her insatiable appetite for learning left her better suited for a more relaxed and well-rounded education, like the one uniquely offered at the prestigious Brown University in Rhode Island.
She says, "I was asked to leave college because I basically followed a Brown curriculum, except I was at Penn, which had a standard curriculum. So I hadn't taken any of my required courses. And they (the school officials) said, 'You know you're now going to be a junior and you haven't taken anything that you needed to take.'
"(Instead) I took everything I wanted. I took fantastic history of art courses, I took journalism courses, I took philosophy courses. It was completely haphazard."