Actress Camryn Manheim's son MILO has decided he wants to start drinking beer - at the tender age of four.

Manheim has recently found parenting to be a bit of a challenge, because her young offspring suddenly wants to do everything he sees his mother doing.

She says, "We're dealing with boundaries. He's always trying to figure out what he can get away with. He's wants to do everything that the adults do. So it's like, 'You drink coffee, I wanna drink coffee.' He wants beer.

"I finally decided, maybe it's bad parenting, (that) I wasn't gonna stop everything I love to do just because I had a four-year-old. I'm like, 'Look, when you're 18, you can drink coffee, when you're 21, you can have beer.'

"Some parents decide that they're not gonna cuss because it's not good for the kid. I'm like, 'Look, when you're 18, you can say the F word, but I'm not gonna stop it... You can't have coffee, but I'm not gonna stop drinking it. I'm not gonna change my life for you!'"

11/05/2005 09:11