Actress Camryn Manheim has dreams of starring on the stages of New York's Broadway once her show The Practice comes to an end.

Manheim spent a number of years in the Big Apple, where she earned a master's degree in fine arts from NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, and she's now ready to return for a chance to do theatre.

She says, "I just love this town. It's so amazing. I've been on every off-Broadway stage in New York and off-off-off Broadway stage.

"I haven't done Broadway proper. I did SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK and I did stuff at the PUBLIC THEATRE, so I'm inching closer to it.

"There's nothing I'd love more than to come back and do something here on Broadway. I'd love it."

Manheim will soon be starring in her own sitcom, in which she'll reprise her role as attorney ELLENOR FRUTT from the Practice.

14/05/2004 20:01