Actress Camryn Manheim was far from thrilled while shooting her movie AN UNFINISHED LIFE - because she had to stay in a motel while co-star Jennifer Lopez enjoyed the luxury of a ranch.

Manheim, who was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for her efforts in the mini-series ELVIS, was thrilled when she learned she'd landed a role in the gritty drama alongside Lopez, Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman.

But she admits that once she arrived in Canada for the shoot, the imbalance in accommodation was striking.

She says, "I stayed in a motel on the side of the TransCanadian Highway in a little town that had 700 people in it with a neon sign flashing, 'Vacancy' underneath my window, 'cause a lot of the rooms were vacant.

"The (other stars) didn't stay there - but I did. I'm hoping maybe the Golden Globe nomination will change that for the next time I make a movie.

"See, there's no justice in the world. (Lopez) was on some ranch, and I was in a little motel room on the side of the TransCanadian Highway.

"But let me just say, Cash Creek - fantastic people. Seven hundred people, no movie theatre, I was there for three weeks. It was interesting."