THE PRACTICE star Camryn Manheim was so upset when her co-stars in the drama were sacked earlier this summer (03), she phoned each of them to offer her support.

The show's stars Lara Flynn Boyle, MARLA SOKOLOF and Dylan McDermott were among those fired in a cost-cutting measure to save the drama.

Manheim admits she had tearful phone calls with each one as she tried to console them after the shock announcements.

She says, "I was incredibly sad. I've had a stay of execution but we all know we have to move on. Maybe it's good for us.

"At the time, it never occurred to us that we'd be broken up like that. It's not my question to ask why. I'm just grateful that I have a job."

Manheim admits hearing that Sharon Stone will be joining the cast for the upcoming season has been a real plus.

She adds, "She's one of the greatest divas of all time, and she's gonna deliver."

Meanwhile, newcomer James Spader insists he likes the fact that he'll be joining the cast following the controversial sackings.

He explains, "I do pretty well in a crisis, so if there is one here, that works for me."

17/07/2003 21:19