A member of rapper Cam'ron's DIPLOMATS hip-hop crew is recovering in hospital after he was shot after a show in New York.

FREAKY ZEEKY was shot and wounded in the early hours of Friday morning (25APR03) during a shootout that left one unidentified man dead.

Around 3:30 am, a minor traffic accident escalated into violence, and shots were fired at the car carrying Freaky, real name EZEKIEL JILES, and three other passengers, according to police.

Both of the men who were shot were taken to ST VINCENT'S HOSPITAL, where Freaky, who was hit in the torso, was listed in stable condition. The other victim, who was hit in the chest, was pronounced dead on arrival.

A 9-millimetre gun was left at the crime scene, and 20 casings of the 24 shots fired have been found, according to reports.

The other passengers in Freaky Zeeky's car have not been identified. The second car, described by police as a small silver sedan that fled after the incident, allegedly held five passengers.

27/04/2003 20:55