LATEST: Washington DC police investigating the shooting of hip-hop star Cam'ron on Sunday (23OCT05), are not convinced the rapper was the victim of a botched carjacking attempt.

The HEY MA hitmaker, real name CAMERON GILES, was shot in both arms after being wounded by an unknown assailant at traffic lights, shortly after leaving SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS' party at the H20 nightclub in Washington.

Cam'ron's manager JOSEPH 'BIG JOE' SHERMAN said the rapper was approached by a group of occupants from another car, who demanded he hand over his Lambourghini. When the star refused to co-operate, one man fired a volley of bullets into the vehicle.

Sherman said on Sunday, "It was a botched carjacking."

However, one police official tells the Washington Post newspaper, they believe the shooter simply got out of his Ford Expedition and fired at Cam'ron without saying a word.

An anonymous police source says, "If you are going to carjack a car, you don't shoot first. You try to get the driver out of the car."

In a statement released on Monday (24OCT05), Cam'ron said he was recovering at home in New York City and was undeterred by the shooting.

He said, "It takes more than a botched carjacking to keep me down. People are foolish if they think I'm going to lose my head and give up anything to anyone just because someone threatens me."