LATEST: Rapper Cam'ron is playing down the alleged car-jacking attempt which left him with gunshot wounds - because he's beginning to think the attack was more than a random crime.

The New York City rap star, real name CAMERON GILES, was shot in both arms by unknown assailants in Washington DC on 23 October (05) after leaving a nightclub in his new Lamborghini.

Giles immediately claimed the shooting was the result of a "botched car-jacking", but speculation has since mounted that the rapper staged the incident as a publicity stunt.

Speaking to MTV News, Cam'ron admits he's no longer sure the incident was a failed car-jacking, but he refuses to speculate further on his assailants' motives until he has more information.

He says, "I don't think anybody would do a car-jacking that randomly in front of that many people."

Meanwhile, a police affidavit, leaked to MTV on Wednesday (02NOV05), reveals that a Washington DC Protective Service Division officer witnessed the crime.

The officer claims he saw two assailants pull up to the rapper and watched as one got out and shot at him as he sat in his blue Lamborghini.

Cam'ron admits the incident has reminded him how careful he needs to be when he's out in public: "I always move cautiously, like somebody is after me, anyway. (I'm) not saying somebody is after me, but you gotta realise you in a position of power.

"(But) I'm not gonna be a prisoner of my own fame. This'll never change the way I move or the way I act."