Controversial rapper Cam'ron has launched a scathing attack on hip-hop rival Jay-Z with his latest track YOU GOT IT.

The HEY MA hitmaker, 29, labels Jay-Z "ugly" and even brings the hip-hop mogul's long-term love Beyonce Knowles into the mix.

The lyrics include, "I open up the Daily News. How's the 'King of New York' rockin' sandals with jeans?/ Open-toed sandals?"

Cam'ron - real name CAMERON GILES - accuses Jay-Z of lying about his age, rapping, "I don't respect my elders/ You talk about you a '80s baby/ You 37 years old/ You was born in 1968."

Referring to the former Destiny's Child beauty, Cam'ron raps, "Beyonce, fiancee?/ Check my second LP/ I might bring her back/ That's your girl, that's your world/ Had the thing f**king singing 'bout slinging crack!"

Cam'ron goes onto bring Jay-Z's business interests to the track, claiming the latter stole the Roc-A-Fella empire from his former partner Damon Dash and should be giving publishing profits to late rapper Notorious BIG's mother VOLETTA WALLACE.

The rap continues, "You stole Roc-A-Fella from Dame/ You stole KANYE (WEST) from Dame/ You stole Rocawear from Dame.

"You ain't the only one with big wallets/ Got it/ My s**t's brolick/ But ya publishing should go to Miss Wallace."