Rapper Cam'ron is set to share his distinctive fashion tastes with fans, by launching his own high-end clothing line.

The OH BOY rapper, noted for his love of fur coats and unconventional colours, is naming his new range VIVALI.

He tells ALLHIPHOP.COM, "My clothing line is still coming out and I've been in Milan lately. It's coming straight out of Italy.

"What I'm doing now is I'm working the runways so when I come to America, it will already be out in Italy for two years. I'm not doing a sports clothing line. I'm doing a straight up couture clothing line.

"I'm working with the people out there (in Italy) at the factories and the manufacturers and getting it rocking out there."

Vivali, which Cam'ron says means "I'm fly" in Italian, is already available in select stores in his native New York City.

14/06/2005 09:21