Rapper Cam'ron is furious with R Kelly after the troubled R+B star failed to honour an agreement to appear on his forthcoming album, Purple Haze.

The hip-hop star is especially upset because he stood by Kelly when news of his arrest on child pornography charges broke last year (02), a time when many others abandoned the singer - and Cam'ron is now so annoyed he plans to bill Kelly for his appearance in his SNAKE video.

He explains, "Me, I got beef with R Kelly. The Snake song, he asked me to fly to Los Angeles and do the video. I said fine, all in exchange for him to do a beat and hook on my album. There's no beat from Kelly, there's no hook from R. Kelly."

"The whole industry was s***ting on Kelly. Now everybody is back on the bandwagon, I'm jumping off.

"I still love his music, he's a great musician, but I can't do business with that man, because that's bad business. I could have invoiced him and said, 'This is my fee.' That's what I'm gonna do now."

01/12/2003 21:15